The Simple, Overlooked Secret In My Funnels That Took ClickFunnels From Start-Up To 9-Figures A Year… (In Just 3 Short Years)

‘The LinchpiN’

FREE BOOK Reveals How We Are Currently Adding Over 1,000+ People PER DAY To Our Continuity / Membership Programs! 

All By Making ONE SIMPLE “Tweak” (That ANYONE Can Do) On Page #2 Of Our Funnels!

‘The Linchpin’

FREE BOOK Reveals How

We Are Currently Adding Over 1,000+ People PER DAY To Our Continuity / Membership Programs! 

There’s marketing before and after the Linchpin book! This book is helping me build a highly profitable multiple 7 figures business!

– Fabio Soares

(Two Comma Club Award Winner, 200+ Product Launches since 2017)

There’s marketing before and after the Linchpin book! This book is helping me build a highly profitable multiple 7 figures business!

– Fabio Soares

(Two Comma Club Award Winner, 200+ Product Launches since 2017)


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Linchpin Presentation ($17.00)ADD ‘THE LINCHPIN’ PRESENTATION FOR ONLY $17!

Want to see a step-by-step break-down on HOW ‘The Linchpin’ works?! Then you’ll want ‘The Linchpin’ presentation Russell Brunson gave at Funnel Hacking LIVE where he revealed for the first time ever the secret to ClickFunnels’ success and how any business can adopt the same framework as their own!

Normally $997... but right now you can secure ‘The Linchpin’ presentation for only $17!! But you have to act now - this offer isn’t available anywhere else.

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The LAST Secret

Finally Revealed…

Do You Want To Grow Your Recurring Income, Continuity / Membership Programs FAST…?

The Best Way To Do That Is By Applying ‘The LinchPin’ To Your Business!

YES! This Works For:

  • Membership Sites
  • ​Ecomm
  • ​S.A.A.S (Software As A Service)
  • ​Supplements
  • ​Info Products
  • ​Coaching Programs
  • And More…!!!

If you have a product or service and you want to scale without wasting precious ad dollars to The Google Goblin and Meta Monster… then...

“The Linchpin” IS THE WAY!

And no… it’s NOT just a book funnel,

or a challenge funnel, or a webinar or high ticket funnel…

Matter of fact, it’s unlike any other funnel you’ve ever seen before…

Truthfully, it’s a “backwards way” of looking at your funnels that turns traffic into recurring revenue – which is the GOLD-STANDARD for any business owner!

In your free copy of my book,

I’ll show you exactly how “The Linchpin” works and how you can install it into your business, regardless of what you offer!

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of The

core framework

that you’ll discover inside of ‘The Linchpin’ book:

‘The Linchpin’ Is My Closely Guarded Secret

That Took ClickFunnels From Start-Up To 9-Figures A Year… (In Just 3 Short Years)

While most people assumed that I shared ALL of my secrets inside of my books, DotComSecrets, Expert Secrets, and Traffic Secrets

There was still ONE SUPER SECRET that I have held close to my chest…

I only shared it inside my Inner Circle… To those members who pay me between $50k and $250k a year.

But at the last “Funnel Hacking LIVE” event… I decided to finally, for the first time ever, spill the beans…

…And I Showed Them My LAST Secret

‘The Linchpin’.

And for those who “got it…”

Well, they GOT IT!

Here are a few stories of people

who used ‘The Linchpin’ to grow their membership programs:

"...I’ve increased our total revenue by 40-50% basically overnight."

Since I launched my Membership Site in November, I’m currently at $10K per month with about $4K per month in ad spend. (FYI I’m learning Facebook ads so my costs are higher than I expect them to be soon).

Secondly, my core service for my existing business is Estimating for Contractors.

Because of the Linchpin, I decided to add a subscription model with my existing business and we are at $38,000/mo in MRR. I normally sell between $80K-100K per month so in the few months I’ve been doing Estimating on a Subscription, I’ve increased our total revenue by 40-50% basically overnight.

Since I started in November 2022, we’ve sold $146.3K and of that it’s going to be about a 50% profit margin after payroll, office, ads, etc. this is on top of our existing business that does $1.3M per year already.

Bottom line, the Linchpin has increased our sales and added stability in our business even during the slower times.

– Daniel Quindemil –

Click or tap the button below now

tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!

tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!

"...The best investment you can make in your business this year!”

“The Linchpin is a game-changing book that finally reveals the secrets behind Russell Brunson’s meteoric success. As an avid student of Russell, I’ve witnessed firsthand how he’s used these strategies to rapidly scale his companies. But this book takes you inside the engine room to see how the linchpin framework is architected.

Russell brilliantly breaks down the linchpin model step-by-step, from crafting irresistible continuity offers to stacking value at each level and accelerating growth through events. His wisdom on crafting the perfect webinar and virtual events alone is worth 10 times the price of this book!

But what I love most is how Russell reveals his hard-won lessons so you can shortcut years of struggle. The continuity concepts completely changed how I structure my business and offers. And the lucrative power of the MIFGE was mind-blowing!

If you want to transform your income fast, this playbook is your golden ticket. Russell hands you the keys to his marketing kingdom. The Linchpin is captivating, insightful and an instant classic. Run, don’t walk, to get a copy. It will be the best investment you make in your business this year!”

– Fred Yalmeh –

Click or tap the button below now

tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!

tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!

"It has the power to revolutionize the trajectory of your business”

Ever since Russell introduced the Linchpin framework at Funnel Hacking Live 2022, I've immersed myself in studying its principles and applying them to structure my offer. As a dedicated follower of Russell and Clickfunnels since 2017, I struggled to develop a solid offer until I discovered the Linchpin framework.

Now, as I prepare to launch my offer by the end of the second quarter this year, I am filled with excitement about the transformative impact it will have on fellow entrepreneurs.

I highly recommend dedicating time to thoroughly study the Linchpin framework. It has the power to revolutionize the trajectory of your business. Embracing the Linchpin philosophy has been a game-changer for me, and I believe it can be for you too.

Linchpin is not just another strategy—it's a way of thinking that empowers you to become indispensable in your industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your business to new heights. Join the Linchpin movement today!

– Ivy Sagrado –

Click or tap the button below now

tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!

tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!

“It’s like setting up funnels on ‘easy mode’...

[The Linchpin] helped us increase sales and added stability in our business even during slower times.”

– Daniel Quindemil

I Got So Excited After Seeing
These Early Results...

...that I put together a book explaining the FULL Linchpin strategy, and gave it as a gift to my “Two Comma Club X” Students at a recent mastermind event we held in Mexico…

Each of these members paid $25k to be in this program, and all of them are working hard to win their FIRST “Two Comma Club” award. Here are pictures of them with the books:

The Books Were Supposed To Just Be For That Small Group...

...but word about the book got out…

People started making photocopies for their friends.

I tried to suppress this book, but it was too late.

After some contemplation, I decided to just give in, and FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME, make this book available to you for FREE!!! If we still have free copies for this very limited run, then you can get your copy here:

So… What’s Actually Inside Of

‘The Linchpin’?

  • The super sneaky “mindset shift” found on ALL of our “thank you” pages that transforms into a self-liquidating offer for compounding cashola!! (Page 11)
  • ​How the often overlooked “thank you/confirmation” page contains the “SLO way” to fast cash (MOST marketers seem to skip this CRUCIAL part of the sales funnel… found on Page 17)
  • ​How we went from ZERO to $9MM in annual recurring revenue using ‘The Linchpin’ model in ONE YEAR... and it took about as much time as me typing this bullet point to you right now!! (Page 21)
  • ​Why ‘The Linchpin revolutionizes the “value ladder” concept and gets HORDES of people on continuity without confusion… where STAY, PAY, and become HARDCORE FANS OF YOU!! (Page 28)
  • ​"If you don’t have __________, then you don’t have a business,” says world-class marketer, David Frey – and how you can inject this economic-proof concept to any business for long-term, sustainable income! (Page 30)
  • ​The KEY types of “Linchpins” you can choose from and apply to any business, no matter what you sell! (Pages 33 - 45)
  • The 7 CORE ELEMENTS to make ‘The Linchpin’ model work for YOUR business… and why 99.7% of business owners skip out on the crucial 7th element… and leaving TONS of cash on the table! (Pages 47 - 61)
  • Our Linchpins REVEALED! See exactly how we model our “Linchpins” for ClickFunnels and Magnetic Marketing… including what we offer, how they work, and how you can ethically-steal my exact processes for your business! (Pages 62 - 69)
  • ​The secrets of “The MIFGE” offer… including what a “MIFGE” is, how to make one, and how we use The MIFGE to make all of our offers irresistible where folks can’t help themselves but to buy, buy, buy! (Pages 70 - 73)
  • ​The Sports Illustrated “swimsuit secret” that skyrocketed magazine subscriptions practically overnight… and how we took this same exact concept and applied it to all of our funnels! (Page 74)
  • ​A “fill-in the blank” MIFGE example you can take and use to create your own MIFGE offer and increase sales FAST! (Page 86)
  • ​The “Attractive Character Flywheel” model you’ll use to LAUNCH your MIFGE offer into the world and collect an AVALANCHE of hungry customers who are ready to buy from you! This is literally the “rinse ‘n’ repeat” secret model we use to launch funnel after funnel after funnel with ease… and I’m giving you ALL of my step-by-step secrets! (Pages 90 - 112)
  • The Ringling Brothers “dramatic demonstration” tactic we use to “shout” our offer louder and with 10X more vigor than our competitors… practically forcing the entire marketplace to sit-up, pay attention, and buy. (Page 114)
  • ​The super-simple 3-day virtual event ANYONE can put together and essentially does the selling the for you… even if you’re not “into” events or don’t think you’re good at them. This “blueprint” includes how to structure each day, what value to share, and how to close buyers like a pro! (Pages 142 -143)
  • ​The Secret Sauce! How to use ‘The Linchpin’ in your value ladder… making it all come together for a continuous growth in your business, without feeling beholden to all the ad platforms. (Pages 154 -155)
  • And sooooooo MUCH MORE!! Including the daily email drip series, how to have a massively successful launch almost every time, and how to maximize profits without sacrificing time and energy on frivolous other marketing “tactics”!

The Last Great Secret…

A TRUE Look Behind The Success Of ClickFunnels…

A TRUE Look Behind The Success Of ClickFunnels…

Is Now Within Your Grasp For FREE!

What are you waiting for?

Hit the button below now and secure your FREE copy of ‘The Linchpin’ today!

“OK Russell...

What’s The Catch?”

No catch! Simply pay the small, one-time shipping & handling fee of $7.95 and I’ll rush a FREE copy of ‘The Linchpin’ to your home within 7 days of ordering.

I promise you this– ‘The Linchpin’ is THE revolutionary marketing system, containing the secrets to scaling any business in any economy.


Limited Number Of FREE Copies Of ‘The Linchpin’ Available

Here’s the deal– we set aside a small number of paperback copies of ‘The Linchpin’.

Once those copies are gone, that’s it… no more.

Plus, ‘The Linchpin’ isn’t available anywhere else… 

Not Even On Amazon.

So if you’re seeing this page right now, then that means we still have FREE copies of ‘The Linchpin’ available!!

But you must act now and place your order before we run out of our current stock… (Remember, once all of the free copies are gone, this page… and offer… disappear!)

You’re Covered By My 30-Day, 100%

“Love It Or It’s FREE” Guarantee

I know ‘The Linchpin’ is the way.

And if you read this entire page up until now, including the numerous testimonials of real business owners who have applied ‘The Linchpin’ with incredible results… then you know this is the real-deal.

HOWEVER! If you are still not satisfied with ‘The Linchpin,’ then I’ll refund your shipping & handling investment AND I’ll still let you keep the book.

Yep. You read that right. You don’t have to send anything back. Simply email my support team within 30 days of placing your order, let them know, and we’ll refund your initial investment without hassle, and the book is on us. ;)

Thank you for reading.

I look forward to hearing how ‘The Linchpin’ has revolutionized your business!


Russell Brunson

P.S. Don’t forget, you’re just one funnel away…

P.P.S. If you’re like me and scroll to the bottom of the page, then here’s the deal: I want to rush you a free copy of ‘The Linchpin’ book!

Just pay the small shipping and handling fee, and the book is yours for free!

Inside The Linchpin, you’ll discover the revolutionary marketing system that has the potential to scale any business in any economy, regardless of how high ad costs get.

(Pssst… it’s also the key “funnel secret” that took ClickFunnels from startup to 9-figures a year in just 3 short years!!!)

So, if you’re a business owner that’s looking for a sustainable, predictable online business that outbeats and out-spends competitors so you can acquire MORE customers…

…then ‘The Linchpin’ book is for you and I want to rush you a FREE copy right this second.

What are you waitin’ for?!?

Click or tap the button below now tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!


+ Can The Linchpin work for MY business?

Yes. As Dan Kennedy would say, “we’re all in the marketing business.” In other words, it doesn’t matter WHAT you sell... if you want to outspend your competitors, get MORE customers to your place of business, and scale 100X faster, then The Linchpin is for you!

+ Is ‘The Linchpin’ book really FREE?

Yes! All I ask is that you pay the small, one-time $7.95 US / $19.95 International shipping & handling fee, and I’ll send a physical copy of ‘The Linchpin’ directly to where you live.

+ What if The Linchpin doesn’t help me?

This is highly unlikely. However, with that said, if you do not find a single shred of value contained within ‘The Linchpin’ book, then I’ll refund your money and you can keep the book on us...;)

+When will my free copy of ‘The Linchpin’ get to me?

Within the United States, please allow 5 to 7 business days to get your order. For international, please allow 11 to 15 days.

+ Where can I order The Linchpin book?

You can order ‘The Linchpin’ book right here on this page.

Click or tap the button below now

tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!

tell me where to send your free copy of ‘The Linchpin’!


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